Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Introduction to KLA

The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) is a not-for-profit and non-partisan umbrella network of Civil Society Organizations and Individuals committed to effective advocacy for the reform of policies and laws governing land in Kenya. KLA was founded in 1999 and registered as a Trust in 2001. The initiative to create an institutional framework for land laws and policy advocacy in Kenya was necessitated by the realization that the policy, legal and institutional framework created in 1950s had become inadequate due to many changes in the social, political, economic and cultural fronts that had occurred in the country over the years.

The increased population has resulted in intense competition for access to land and natural resources. In addition, changes in the global environment brought about by globalization have combined to create a reality that is significantly different from the one existing when the current framework was created in the 1950s. It is on this premise that KLA has been in the forefront in efforts towards effective advocacy for land laws and policy reforms in Kenya, as recently witnessed in the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law System of Kenya and the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. Advocating for the formulation and implementation of a National Land Policy and review of land laws.

Strategic Objectives

KLA advocating for the review, formulation and implementation of land laws and policy reforms:

To facilitate and strengthen strategic linkages between groups and stakeholders at different levels in support of local, national, regional and international advocacy efforts on land and natural resources.

To sensitize civil society, government, donors, and the public in order to create greater understanding of what is needed to secure, and protect land rights of rural, urban poor and other disadvantaged groups.

To contribute to the debate, actively lobby and advocate for policy and legislative reforms by generating policy and legal options.

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